Mission DELTA Universal Surf System Canada


Product Description


MISSION Boat Gear's Delta Universal Wakesurf System is the newest aftermarket wakesurf system to hit the market. Similar to the Eight.3 Surf Shaper, this surf device is removable and can attach to nearly any direct drive or v-drive boat.

The DELTA Universal easily attaches to the hull of your boat using two heavy duty suction cups. Attach the DELTA Universal to the opposite side of the boat that you will be riding on, generate that perfect wake, and let the fun begin.

This is wakesurfing made simple. Don't miss out, pre-order your DELTA Universal.

Easily Switch Sides

The Mission DELTA uses oversized industrial suction cups to grip the side of the boat, and provides plenty of holding power to stay attached while at wakesurfing speeds.

Easily deploy or switch sides in seconds and remove without leaving a trace. The suction cups are designed to accommodate the curved surfaces, slight transitions, and thinner flat decals on your boat.

Evenly Weight Your Boat

The ability to evenly weight your boat allows passengers to sit freely throughout the boat. Gone are the days of piling everyone uncomfortably on one side of the boat. No longer needing to list the boat to one side creates a much easier ride for the driver and everyone else on board.

Change the Shape of Your Wave

Position the DELTA in the right zone for optimum wave performance. Bias the boat's ballast back toward the stern to increase the wave height. OR move that ballast more forward toward the bow to get a mellow wave with a smoother transition, ideal for riding a skim board.

Install on Opposite Side

Simply install the Mission DELTA on the opposite side of the boat to create a big, well shaped wave for surfing. The DELTA works by mechanically forcing the boat into the correct position to make the best surf wave, so it is always installed on the non-surf side of the boat. Switch between regular and goofy riders in a matter of seconds by simply swapping the side the DELTA is installed on.

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