Mission DELTA 2.0 Wake Shaper

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The industry's first suction-based wake shaper just got an upgrade for even better, surf-all-day performance.

The Mission DELTA 2.0 wakesurf shaper features RipFlow™ Technology that delivers enhanced wave cleanup performance by inducing more turbulence than ever before. This means a competition-class wave in the most efficient way possible.

Additional Benefits

  • Universal design compatible with most inboard boats
  • More flexibility in mounting locations on complex boat hulls
  • Switch sides in seconds for regular or goofy wake surfers 
  • Enhanced performance on larger boats over 23 feet
  • Less steerage at low speeds with minimal splashing
  • Now with Limited Lifetime Warranty

Patent No. US 10058404 / Made in the USA



Mission DELTA 2.0 creates the perfect competition-class wave for wakesurfing, now with RipFlow™ Technology that further improves performance on larger boats. Every aspect of DELTA was thoughtfully designed from the ground up with wakesurfing in mind and optimized to float.

All of Mission DELTA’s materials were meticulously selected to provide high performance and durability. DELTA is proudly manufactured in the USA.


Mission DELTA 2.0 features RipFlow™ Technology, a contoured front panel with engineered side vents, that delivers enhanced wave cleanup performance by inducing more turbulence than large solid panel and wedge styled wakeshapers with zero compromises.

Small is the new big. Larger flat panels put more stress on the boat which increases steering problems, fuel consumption, and splashing without increasing wave performance.


Mission DELTA’s compact design gives more mounting options on boats with complex hull shapes. DELTA also features a reversible orientation yielding even more flexibility, especially on direct drive boats.

Normal orientation is typically used for decently weighted v-drives. Reversed orientation works great for direct-drives or complex hulls that require DELTA to be attached higher, such as X2's or X45's.


Proprietary HyLoft™ Suction Cups provide maximum grip to accommodate the contoured surfaces of complex boat hulls, unlike off-the-shelf glass-lifting cups which were designed to stick to flat surfaces.

No velcro or mounting brackets to drill and mar your boat. Mission DELTA's superior materials also last longer and stand up to the harsh conditions of the boating environment.


Large wake shapers put a ton of load on your boat and tend to take a long time to clean up the wave. Mission DELTA’s compact size and RipFlow™ Technology creates the ultimate wave and virtually eliminates steerage of the boat at low speeds with minimal splashing.

It also delivers best-in-class fuel consumption which will keep cash in your pocket and give you more time on the water — all without compromising wave-performance


The lightweight, hollow design enables Mission DELTA to float. The bright yellow color of the DELTA suction cups makes it easy to spot in the water if it does become detached from the boat. It is important to note that many of the cheaper wakesurf devices on the market do not float. 


Another industry first from the company that started it all.

Limited Lifetime and Single-loss Guarantee for one year. If you lose it in the first year, we will replace for free. If it breaks, we’ll send you a new part no questions asked.

International shipping charges not included. Registration required. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Blair Thompson

Excellent service with delivery. BoatToys took ownership of a glitch with their shipping process and sent our package via courier....it arrived the next day:)
The product, Mission Delta 2.0, performed as advertised. A game changer.

George Frangos
Amazing Experience

I live in Ontario, and was looking for a wake shaper for my oddly shaped hull boat, and speaking to Shaun he reassured me that the Mission Delta 2.0 is the best shaper on the market. I have tried Swell wake shapers, and they never stayed on my hull. Shaun gave me a ton of suggestions on how to ensure the Mission Delta 2.0 would work best, including ballasts set up, people positioning and even suggested that the wake shaper would likely not stick to a decal well, so to either find a spot on the hull where there was no decal, or cut the decal back. Needless to say, I received the Delta last week (free shipping from AB to ON!!), and everything Shaun said was BANG ON! The shaper stuck to my hull perfectly, and created an unbelievable wake.
I sent him a message to let him know that the Delta was perfect, and he was very happy for us. This type of experience is not generally seen from retailers. The personalized approach, the follow up and even the guarantee is beyond phenomenal. Shaun is amazing, and given this incredible experience, Boattoys.ca has a customer for life. Highly recommended,........trust me, you won't be disappointed.