Anahola Board Co. Blue Lotus 10'6" All-Around Inflatable SUP

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The Blue Lotus is designed to be one of the most stable boards on the market. Perfect for beginners, yet nimble enough for veteran riders.  Our 6" model, measuring 10'6" x 32" x 6" and capable of carrying 250+ lbs is one of the finest paddleboards available today. It is manufactured with double rolled rails, high tensile drop stitch space yarn all sandwiched between 0.7mm double layer PVC tops and bottoms. It comes equipped with our innovative kayak seat system capable of converting your iSUP to a sit down kayak in mere seconds. With one of the highest inflation ratings available (25 PSI), this board is "hard like a coconut".



Known as one of the most durable Inflatable stand-up paddleboards available in the world, our signature design specifications sets the bar compared to big box store paddleboards.

Have you ever wondered what makes a board more or less durable?  The first thing to look at are the "dimples". More dimples means more drop stitch space yarn which creates the internal structure.  Imagine a bridge with many cross members compared to a bridge with a few. These fibers are an integral part of the board that creates rigidity and eliminates flex and also increases the air pressure (pounds per square inch or "PSI") rating that the board can handle.

As a general rule, higher PSI boards are higher quality. All of our boards are capable of inflating to a mind boggling 25 PSI which is a whopping 20% higher than the company claiming to be the world’s top selling iSUP and almost 70% higher than the 15 PSI reccomended rating on the vast majority of boards on the market. 

Our boards are also made with military grade PVC tops and bottoms and double layer sides (0.54mm inner and 0.7mm outer) to take any side abrasion. These are virtually indestructible SUP's and capable of sliding across a sharp river rock, a dogs sharp fingernails, a stick on the beach or your kids making a sand castle on them. Our double rolled rails also make these boards ultra stiff by increasing the side structure and boosting the flexural stiffness. Many of our customers are surprised at how rigid these really are without the hard feel and inherent safety risks of a fiberglass board.  Most big box store cheap boards are single layer construction, inflate to a meagre 15-18 psi and have a greatly reduced number of drop stitch space yarn threads.

Not your average inflatable SUP as seen in this video of a GMC Canyon Duramax driving up on a Blue Lotus: 

What's Included:

As with all of our packages, we believe in providing a one-stop shop enabling you to get out on the water quicker without the hassle of picking out and ordering additional components.  The Blue Lotus complete package comes generously equipped with our best selling:
  • Blue Lotus 10' 6" x 32" x 6" paddleboard featuring:
    • 9 strategically placed D-Rings for securing your load, attaching a leash
    • Detachable Kayak seat
    • Bungee cord hold down system
    • Fully customizable US Air 7 Fin box with 9" HDPE composite flatwater fin
    • 2 x fixed tracking flex fins
    • 3 carry handles (front, mid, rear) for easy carrying
  • 10 ft coil leash
  • 3 piece telescopic wound fibreglass paddle
  • Bravo dual stage high volume hand pump
  • Heavy duty roller backpack capable of holding the entire kit
  • Paddle holder
  • Repair Kit
  • 2 year warranty
  • Board weight: 27.6 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Summer Fun

Thank you for our first paddle board. We love it - so easy to set up and be on the lake.. I highly recommend Boattoys....

Piers Lesser
Great purchase

Excellent service and communication from Boattoys. Delivery was extremely quick even during COVID.
The Blue Lotus boards look well made, so hopefully they will last a long time.
I highly recommend using Boattoys to purchase what you need, fantastic people to deal with.