FatSac Malibu/Axis PNP Rear 550 lb Sac

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This is the rear Malibu/Axis PNP 550 lb bag that includes 1 1/8" fittings to work with the Malibu PNP systems in the boat models listed below.

The FatSac W025-550-AVO Malibu/Axis Rear PNP Fat Sac was created with Malibu and Axis engineers to fit their plug and play systems listed in the models below so that you could upgrade to the ballast you need for a massive surf wave.

FatSac worked directly with Malibu and Axis to make the world’s best PNP ballast option that meet their specifications for your exact boat! Fly High is proud to be partners with all the major boat builders and bring the ultimate wakesurfing and wakeboarding solutions to the boat that you already have.

Fits these models:

2016 Axis T22
2017 Axis T22
2018 Axis T22
2019 Axis T22
2016 Axis T23
2017 Axis T23
2018 Axis T23
2019 Axis T23
2016 Axis A20
2017 Axis A20
2018 Axis A20
2019 Axis A20
2016 Axis A22
2017 Axis A22
2018 Axis A22
2019 Axis A22
2016 Malibu M235
2017 Malibu M235
2018 Malibu M235
2019 Malibu M235
2016 Malibu 21VLX
2017 Malibu 21VLX
2018 Malibu 21VLX
2019 Malibu 21VLX
2016 Axis A24
2017 Axis A24
2019 Axis A24
2018 Malibu 21MLX
2019 Malibu 21MLX
2020 Malibu 20VTX
2020 Malibu 21VLX
2020 Malibu 21MLX
2020 Axis A20
2020 Axis A22
2020 Axis A24
2020 Axis T22
2020 Axis T23
2021 Malibu 20VTX
2021 Malibu 21VLX
2021 Malibu 21MLX
2021 Axis A20
2021 Axis A22
2021 Axis A24
2021 Axis T22
2021 Axis T23