Pro X Series Nautique Wedge Sacs (Set) - 880 lbs. Total

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The new Pro X Series Fat Sacs™ are constructed with a white water rafting material called Valmex. These sacs are unbelievably durable and no longer need the support of an outer shell. They also come equipped with our Quick Connect Valve system making filling and draining these things an easy task. Furthermore, the placement of our valves makes it possible to daisy-chain them to create the perfect integrated ballast system. All sacs are available in assorted colors to customize the look of your system.
Pro X Series Nautique Wedge Sacs (set) - W708
description: The Pro X Series Nautique Wedge sacs are shaped to fit the compartments of the Nautique V-Drive boats, but can be used in any boat. They may have a lower profile but they still add a lot of weight.
  • Available in assorted colors upon request.
  • Dimensions: 42 x 18 x 16
  • Weight: 400 lbs. / 180 kg. each
  • Tsunami Pump Available as add on Product

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