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Protection for your boating investment!

Why spend thousands on a water craft and leave it unprotected?

RockGARD is a patented trailer guard that protects the part of your boat that often gets forgotten about when traveling– the vulnerable hull.

What’s protecting the hull from:

  • Gravel
  • Rocks
  • And other debris that flies up from the highway or back roads we’re following to the lake? 

The original RockGARD™ was designed over the course of two years and has been manufactured entirely in Canada for almost 20 years! The goal was to produce a hull protection device that offered:

  • maximum protection of the hull

  • no contact with the boat

  • ease of use (install & remove)

  • a stylish look

  • lightweight yet extremely durable construction

  • reasonably priced

The current patented (Canada #2,281,142 & USA #6,616,188) hull protection design was the result of the evaluation of many different materials and testing of several prototypes. The current RockGARD™ design was subjected to extensive engineering testing to ensure it exceeded safety specifications under normal use conditions.



    There are just 2 easy steps required for determining the proper size RockGARD for your personal watercraft or boat.

    First, measure from the top of the trailer frame to the top of the bow 
    Second, use the list below to determine which RockGARD size to order.

    List of sizes available includes: 

    • PWC - 27″ high x 6′ long

    • Regular - 27″ high x 7 1/2′ long

    • Medium (and Medium Blunt Front) - 33″ high x 9′ long

    • Medium XL (and Medium XL Blunt Front) - 33″ high x 11′ long

    • Large (and Large Blunt Front) -  39″ high x 10′ long

    • Large XL (and Large XL Blunt Front) - 39″ high x 13′ long

    • Maxx (and Maxx Blunt Front) - 47″ high x 11′ long

    • Maxx XL (and Maxx XL Blunt Front) - 47″ high x 13′ long

    • Picklefork - 35″ high x 13 1/2″ long

    Medium, Large, and Maxx RockGARDs are available in a Blunt Front design that eliminates the gap between the two panels. This will eliminate hull exposure for trailers where the "Y" comes far forward.

    The Picklefork design is specifically engineered to fit the wide bow of these boats with no gap in the panels. Providing amazing protection while looking great at the same time:


    Alternate Center Post:

    This system can mount the center post in many different ways and locations to get around the short swing tongue problem, space issues storage length etc.

    It can mount vertically, horizontally, on any angle as long as you can bolt it to something!

    The important part of setting this unit up is to maintain the correct height position.

    Available in Black Powder Coat as well as clear Zinc coating.


    Hardware comes standard in clear Zinc coating and is also available in Black Powder Coat.


    Please note all RockGard sizes are overdimension packages subject to a shipping charge of $64.99

    Don’t throw your hard-earned cash away on costly travel damage!

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