Silent Running Sound Proofing Coating

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SR 1000 is a high performance coating specifically designed for Marine applications to eliminate unwanted sound and vibration. SR 1000 works by converting noise energy and vibrations into a low-grade heat, which is then dissipated throughout the applied surface.
General Properties: SR 1000 is water-based, non toxic and VOC free. There are no harsh smells and, before curing, cleans up with water.
Adhesion: SR 1000 is designed as a "permanent" coating. The product has excellent adhesion to all metal, fiberglass, wood and most plastic surfaces. Proprietary components are added as "adhesion promoters" to help ensure it's permanent adhesion. Adhesion is not affected by harsh cold or extreme heat. SR 1000 can withstand temperatures from -30°F up to 300°F.
  • Durability: Although SR 1000 dries to a hard surface, it retains excellent elongation. SR 1000 will not chip or crack with any expanding, flexing or bending of the substrate. SR 1000 cures virtually waterproof and is extremely resistant to gas, oil and most chemicals.
  • Flammability: SR 1000 is non flammable. Should the product come into contact with flame, it is self-extinguishing.
  • Safety: Because of its water-based formula, SR 1000 meets or exceeds all environmental standards and is 100% non toxic.
  • Application: SR 1000 applies faster and easier and penetrates where other traditional methods of damping cannot.
  • Clean Up: Spills and mistakes are easily taken care of with soap and water.

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