Wakeboard / Surf Ballast System Upgrade Kits

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Make no mistake: This is the HIGHEST QUALITY reversible ballast system available anywhere today!

The BoatToys Complete Reversible Pump Ballast System kits include everything you need to install a fully automated ballast system in your boat. Whether you're upgrading your existing ballast system or installing a new system on your boat, we have you covered!

The Complete Reversible Pump Ballast System is a turnkey kit that will allow you to fill and drain your ballast system with the flip of a switch. Whether you need an automatic ballast pump for adding a ballast bag to your existing system or installing an entirely new system with multiple ballast bags, this kit is the perfect solution! Each kit is designed to fill one ballast bag and we reccomend a dedicated pump for each bag. 

We include a full Plug-n-Play pump wiring harness with Deutsch connectors and a pre-wired switch. Our harness is improved over other options on the market by eliminating connectors that cut into wires and leave them frayed, causing a potential fire hazard. We solder and heat-shrink our connections which takes longer and costs more but is safer and more durable.

We offer an optional Jabsco Timer Switch which can be programmed to automatically turn off after a set period of time and ensure your pump doesn't continue running after the ballast bags are finished draining. This eliminates the need to monitor the ballast bags as they empty and helps protect the pump and impeller from damage.


What makes our Reversible Pump Ballast Systems different from the competition?

  • We use premium Buck Algonquin marine bronze components, not generic bulk brand
  • We use 1" solid bronze hose barbs, not composite
  • We use 1" stainless steel thru hull vent fittings, not composite
  • We use 1" ID Reinforced Clear/Black helix "Tiger" ballast hose, not heavy and prone to cracking black bilge hose
  • We use fully soldered and heat shrunk connections on our wiring harnesses, not snap connectors that leave frayed wires and create a fire hazard

The bottom line is: We don't sacrifice quality or reliability to save a few dollars. Your boat is a huge investment and we will never cut corners on a critical upgrade.

What's Included (per kit)

  • Jabsco Ballast Puppy Wakeboard Ballast Pump (80lbs/minute) with switch
    • Option: Jabsco Ballast King Pump (125lbs/minute)
    • Option: Johnson Talulah Pump (110 lbs/minute)
    • Note: Ensure electrical system is sufficient if selecting upgraded pumps
    • Option: Jabsco Timer Switch
  • Plug-n-Play pump wiring harness with switch
  • 1" Solid Bronze Thru Hill Fitting
  • 1" Bronze Marine Ball Valve
  • 1" Bronze NPT to 1" Hose Barb adapter(s)
  • 15' Pre-Assembled Fill/Drain Hose - 1" ID Ballast System Clear/Black Helix "Tiger" hose w. Flow-Rite Quick Connect elbow
  • 15' Pre-Assembled Vent/Overflow Hose - 1" ID Ballast System Clear/Black Helix "Tiger" hose w. Flow-Rite Quick Connect elbow & 1" Marine Check Valve
  • 2x 1" Flow-Rite Quick Connect Threaded Fat Sac Fitting(s)
  • 1" Stainless Steel Thru-hull Vent Fitting(s)
  • 8x Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • 3M 4200 Series Marine Adhesive/Sealant

Fat Sac ballast bags are NOT included!