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 The Best Possible Way is by Keeping it Basic!    For each Pro X Series Fat Sac, you will need the following: 1 x (W610-P) Jabsco Metal Ballast Puppy Pump - high volume, self-priming, reversible pump with fill-empty switch. about 25 feet (558031-hose) Black reinforced bilge hose. (Fits 1” and 11⁄8” Fittings) 2 x (W743) 11⁄8" Quick Connect - Sac Valve Thread - screw these into Pro X Series Fat Sac with All-Purpose PVC Cement. 2 x (W741) Flow-Rite 11⁄8" Straight Quick Connect Socket. 2 x (W746) Flow-Rite 11⁄8" Elbow Quick Connect Socket. 6 x (558031-clamp) 316 stainless steel worm drive...

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